Debates center on Trump attacks and criticism of Elizabeth Warren

Debates center on Trump attacks and criticism of Elizabeth Warren Is there a stable union only if the couple has sex?
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Debates center on Trump attacks and criticism of Elizabeth Warren

Party candidates for the White House were emphatic against the Republican president and defended impeachment proceedings against him; Massachusetts senator was the main target of her supporters

WESTERVILLE, UNITED STATES - Democratic pre-candidates for the presidency of the United States showed on Tuesday night, 15, to be united against the American president, & nbsp; Donald Trump, in a debate in which Senator Elizabeth Warren's rising bid was the center of criticism from its rivals.

The twelve pre-candidates strongly attacked Trump, supporting the House investigation that could lead to the impeachment of the president, and criticizing the withdrawal of American troops from Syria - qualified by the favorite in the race, Joe Biden, as a "shameful decision".

The debate was the first since the disclosure of Trump's pressures on Ukraine to seek compromising information about Biden, who triggered an earthquake in US politics, and also placed the former vice president in an embarrassing position for questions about the work of your son in Kiev.

"This is the most corrupt president in the history of the United States," said Biden, who continues to lead the Democratic polls with 29.4%, followed closely by Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren with 23.4%. & Nbsp;

"The impeachment process must continue," Warren said in the first debate in which he was at the center of attacks by several of his opponents for his support for a public health system.

The debate was also expected to mark the return to Bernie Sanders' campaign, which suffered a heart attack two weeks ago. The progressive senator is in third place in the Democratic race, with 15.6% of the intentions.

As in previous debates, pre-candidates' positions on health, from those who advocate universal coverage like Sanders or Warren, or those in favor of a strong private sector presence like Biden, show the broad spectrum group politician.

Sanders criticized the current US health care system, which it calls "dysfunctional" and "cruel". "The question is whether the Democratic Party will have the courage to face the healthcare industry," said Sanders hoarsely.

For Warren, who disputes the Democratic Party's left-most voters, the key point is to practice "responsible capitalism", which marks a departure from Sanders, who defends democratic socialism.

"I have already made my principles clear here and said that with me costs will go up for the rich and for big corporations, and will go down for working people in the middle class," said the senator. & nbsp;

Warren, who escaped unscathed from early debates, this time was targeted by other pre-candidates. & Nbsp; "The difference between a plan and an impossible dream is its fulfillment," said Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Pete Buttigieg, the young mayor of an Indiana city, criticized Warren's academic profile and fired: "His mark is to have a plan for everything but this" in reference to health. & Nbsp;

Asked how he intends to convince voters that his health is okay, Sanders said he "will launch a vigorous campaign for the entire country", starting with a rally in New York with a "special guest".

According to the American media, it must be, in fact, a guest: Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who must endorse Sanders' campaign to the White House.

The health problem of Sanders, 78, is also bad for Biden, who is 76, received criticism for his lack of vitality and started babbling again during the debate.

Biden defended himself by stating that before the primaries start - in Iowa, on February 3, 2020 - he will make his medical history public.

Democrats also discussed the origin of the impeachment case against Trump: the president's request for the Ukrainian government to investigate Hunter Biden, who worked for the Ukrainian gas company Burisma when his father, Joe Biden, was vice president, which would be a conflict of interest.

On Tuesday, in an interview with ABC, News Hunter defended himself against accusations of any illegality in the Ukrainian case, but acknowledged that he had made a "political mistake".

"My son did nothing wrong," said Biden. "What we have to do now is focus on Trump because he doesn't want me to be a candidate. He will attack me because he knows that if I get the nomination, I will strike it as if it were a drum, "said the former vice president. / AFP

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